OPEM is based in Parma in modern industrial area. The premises occupy rather a large, 33,583 m2 plot compared to the actual size of the building. The reason for this was the company’s decision to set aside 5,110 m2 for landscaped grounds, about 15% of the overall plot. OPEM’s new headquarters has a total footprint of around 16,700 m2, including a research and development centre covering 12,000 m2, the production and assembly facility and 4,700 m2 of office space for the company’s management, administration team and sales staff.


The new building was designed and built in line with the company’s philosophy and vocation, i.e. the pursuit of the ideal balance of research into new technologies and the awareness of issues affecting the environment.


Intelligent design, transparency and communication between the various sections are the architectural themes that guided the arrangement of the internal areas and the facades of the new facility. The “story” begins with a corner entrance - a representative point par excellence - which leads to the hall where space is distributed. This energetic central hub is characterised by the spiral body of a staircase and by the main lift.


The building is innovative and modern. Great effort has been put into many different aspects, the most important of which are energy conservation, smart management of all utility systems, virtuous technical decisions such as ventilated facades with thermal insulation for the offices and floor-mounted radiant heating, and even the addition of a large photovoltaic roof with overall power rating of 542 kWP.


New ideas will continue to be conceived and developed in this facility, and all the projects that have enabled the company to grow constantly and solidly will exclusively be built internally. Such development has led OPEM to operate with professional commitment and competence on all its markets worldwide.